At BPM, we are more than a tax, assurance and advisory firm—we are your growth partner. Whether you are developing a business plan, growing an organization, scaling down or preparing for sale, BPM’s dedicated Advisory team drives long-term client success by supporting organizations through all their stages of growth and transition. Emerging and middle market companies have the same challenges as larger companies do, but lack the scale to effectively develop people, processes and systems to leverage the business. Lack of market familiarity and vital resources can lead to an inability to grow, transition and maximize a business’s enterprise value—which is constantly tested during fundraising, acquisition of bank debt, or a public/private equity transaction.


BPM’s Advisory team helps clients advance their business initiatives by providing operational support well beyond accounting services. Across the finance, technology and HR functions of the business, our industry-specific focus allows us to provide informed perspectives on the challenges your company will face, no matter its size or current performance. Our work product is comprised of outcomes—not just assessments—and we support on-the-ground execution by driving results with functional teams within the organization. When the time arrives to transfer value through a sale, recapitalization or IPO, a business will have maximized its potential. The combination of improving actual earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and closing the information asymmetry gap will help you maximize your enterprise value.


Advisory Leadership

BPM’s Advisory team provides end-to-end service for our clients, across the business lifecycle. We provide world-class professionals and advisors when you need them the most, and we can scale up or down with your organization at the right time. Contact Nick Steiner, Jenise Gaskin or Edward Webb to learn how we can help your growing business. 


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