BitcoinBPM Partner Mark Li discusses digital assets accounting and taxations tips in Blox’s Crypto Tax Report 2020, which is dedicated to addressing the immediate and future challenges for tax and accounting professionals.

Mark, who co-leads BPM’s Blockchain and Digital Assets practice, is just one of several leading crypto accountants and tax professionals Blox surveyed to identify areas of concern for crypto taxation, accounting, reporting and the need for technology to empower the future of the industry and its professionals.

This report seeks to:

  • Highlight the legal and technical challenges facing accounting and tax professionals for cryptocurrency clients or businesses.
  • Clarify the specific issues and tax scenarios to help other professionals and businesses when handling cryptocurrency clients.
  • Showcase insights from leading crypto accountants and tax practitioners on reporting, auditing, cost basis, and taxation.
  • Present advice on best practices for the most effective and robust technology to handle cryptocurrency accounting and tax services.

Reach out to BPM Partner Mark Li if you have any additional questions after reading the report.

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