A recent article from Connected World discusses AI’s implications in the future of work, from growth predictions to workplace transformation.

The increasing ubiquity of AI, particularly generative AI, is reshaping work and everyday life. With analysts forecasting a staggering growth rate of 80% from 2022 to 2027, generative AI’s market revenue is expected to rise from $1.75 billion in 2022 to an impressive $33 billion by 2027.

As a myriad of organizations incorporate AI into their strategic blueprint, thought leaders like BPM Chief Information Officer Moe Asgharnia identify pivotal areas that businesses should prioritize in this transformative era. One such emphasis is the imperative of fostering AI-centric dialogues at the highest levels.

“Don’t worry about sounding uninformed about the subject, this is a learning experience for all of us, and the sooner we all have a better understanding of how it works, the more we can harness the power of the technology in our favor,” Asgharnia advises in the article.

Immerse yourself in this exciting topic by reading the full article, “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence — And Its Impact on Work,” available now on Connected World’s website.