BPM’s newly launched DEIB Consulting Services help companies drive meaningful change

BPM is excited to announce the release of BPM’s Fiscal Year 2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Report: “IN!powered by DEIB.” The inaugural report illuminates the collaborative DEIB efforts across BPM in fostering a workplace culture that embraces every colleague’s unique contribution. It includes the dedicated work of the Inclusion Now! (IN!) Committee, which has been instrumental in propelling BPM’s DEIB initiatives forward, ensuring their meaningful impact. 

“At BPM, we believe DEIB is a cornerstone of creativity and success,” said BPM CEO Jim Wallace. As we delve into the report, I want to draw attention to a central theme that underpins our entire DEIB endeavor: the concept of belonging.”  

Wallace explains, “Belonging transcends mere acceptance; it entails cultivating a workplace environment where every individual, regardless of their background or identity, feels deeply valued.” 

Each year, colleagues are invited to participate in the BPM Pulse Check, an engagement survey that measures the level of connection, motivation and commitment they feel about their work environment. In a recent survey, 90% of respondents indicated they agree or strongly agree that “BPM values diversity.” Furthermore, 85% expressed agreement or strong agreement with the statement, “I can be my authentic self at work.” In the past two years, the Firm has also increased its number of Colleague Resource Groups from four to eight, providing more open, meaningful spaces for colleague empowerment, education and celebration.  

“Our commitment to fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging is embedded in our culture, guiding our business practices daily,” said BPM Chief Transformation Officer and IN! Committee Chair Lindsay Stevenson. “By intentionally examining our data and creating targeted programs, we are taking deliberate steps to provide leadership and advancement opportunities for women and minorities within our organization. We’re committed to attracting and retaining diverse talent whose rich backgrounds and perspectives inspire them to think, work and act in unique and innovative ways.” 

BPM is expanding its commitment to promote the values of diversity and belonging not only internally, but also by way of a new client offering: BPM’s newly launched DEIB Consulting Services. 

According to recent Gallup studies, only 24% of employees say their company cares about their well-being, less than half feel respected at work and only 35% are confident that their organization will make ethical decisions. BPM works with organizations on strategies that will help them attract and retain top talent, connect with a diverse customer base and promote creative thinking. 

Karen Coleman, HR Consulting Senior Manager at BPM comments, “At BPM, we transform workplaces from merely diverse to truly vibrant and unified. Our approach centers on cultivating a workplace environment of genuine inclusion, where differences are not just accepted but celebrated – Because People Matter.” 

Coleman adds, “Our DEIB efforts position us to be well-equipped to support our clients in their DEIB journey to drive meaningful change.” 

IN!powered by DEIB demonstrates how BPM is leaning in on its DEIB efforts and continues to practice transparency in its culture, offering an example for clients and stakeholders who share a commitment to DEIB. View BPM’s DEIB Report to learn more about the Firm’s initiatives.