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Written by Britiany Tompkins

Modern nonprofit financial management systems are no longer out of reach, even for those with the most stringent budgets. Cloud-based solutions are centralizing data, simplifying reporting and helping nonprofits grow stronger.

Are you ready to improve financial visibility and transparency, reduce time spent on administrative tasks and grow your nonprofit by deploying today’s technology? Download The Nonprofit’s Guide to Greater Mission Impact Through Modern Financial Management to learn how more nonprofits are achieving greater mission impact with modern technology.

Financial Freedom with Cloud-Based Financial Management

For most nonprofits, investing in technology is often a lower priority than the services provided to the community and membership. It is common knowledge that nonprofits must be fiscally responsible with the income generated through funds, grants and membership support. However, disparate systems, spreadsheets and manual processes are eating up valuable time for your entire team.

In our eBook and below, we highlight six ways nonprofits can achieve financial freedom with cloud-based financial management.

  1. Turn data into insight: A modern financial management solution will centralize data, making it easier for your people to enter, access and use. Your leaders will have greater visibility into financial activities and are empowered to monitor program costs, allocate expenses efficiently. Reporting is relevant, contextual and effective.
  2. Improve transparency: Integrated financial management systems will connect expenses across departments, programs and services. A multi-dimensional general ledger offers flexibility to customize reports for stakeholders and funders, making it clear how money is spent and how those expenses are supporting your mission.
  3. Streamline operations: Modern financial management systems provide time-saving automations. Workflows, notifications and automated alerts accelerate the budget process, approvals and other tasks. Reducing data entry and other manual processes allows your staff to spend more time on community services and membership needs.
  4. Boost productivity with digital mobility: Whether working from home, on the road or in a meeting with stakeholders, you and your team can access to all your data and resources at your fingertips. Cloud-based solutions can be used on any mobile device, from anywhere, at any time of day or night. 
  5. Grow confidently: A centralized system supports more transactions, making it easier to monitor metrics and streamline reporting at every level of the organization. With real-time data and visual dashboards, you can gain deeper insights that can drive confident decisions.  
  6. Achieve mission-critical tasks: Today’s technology replaces inefficient paper-based processes, spreadsheets and manual tasks. With cloud-based financial management, you can use reliable data to improve operations, satisfy membership and donor needs and achieve your mission with greater efficiency and transparency.

Strengthen Outcomes with Modern Financial Management

Modern nonprofit financial management systems are more affordable and accessible than ever. Read our helpful guide to learn how today’s technology can strengthen operations and help you achieve greater mission impact. Contact BPM and our Nonprofit Industry Group for guidance, as you move to replace outdated accounting software with a more modern, cloud-based financial management solution.

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