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Join us in congratulating BPM clients and others who Forbes named the Most Innovative FinTech Companies in 2019! The FinTech world only got bigger in 2018, as the industry’s overall investment numbers doubled from the year before. And BPM’s FinTech team, which consists of over 50 professionals, has grown with it!

We’re nationally recognized as a top CPA firm specializing in the industry, and our clients are companies paving the way for the world’s financial future. BPM assists many alternative investment funds, online lenders, blockchain and digital assets, financial institutions and payments firms, and we’re ready to work with more.

“We are excited to see growth and innovation coming from so many promising Fintech companies,” said BPM Partner Brad Holsworth, who helps lead the Financial Services Industry Group. “BPM proudly serves many of the Forbes 50 Most Innovative Fintech Companies, and we look forward to helping our clients and the other promising Fintech companies continue to develop and prosper.”

To learn more about how we help FinTech clients succeed, contact Brad HolsworthBrian FinneganDaniel FigueredoMark LiInna Merzheritsky or Dmitri Alexeev.


Headshot of Daniel Figueredo.

Brian Finnegan

Brad Holsworth

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