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BPM LLP invites you to share your wine company insights and current industry market experience by taking our wine industry survey. Your answers will be used to provide aggregate information about the current wine market, and provide insights about directions the market and industry may be taking in the near future. In analyzing the data, we expect to discover patterns and indicators of which practices and conditions promote or hinder the success of wine industry businesses.

This survey is being conducted by BPM LLP and our Economic Consulting Service practice. Questions will focus on the wine industry and market, and should be taken by your organization’s CEO, CFO, Owner or other business associate who is familiar with inventory and financial information by June 4th, 2021.

All provided data will only be reported in aggregate, and you will not be identified individually or by company in any way. Once the survey has closed and answers have been analyzed, participants can receive a summary report detailing our findings.

Should you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Jamie Emerson-Heery, CPA, Abe Valdez Bravo or Dylan Mead.

To inquire about a report designed specifically for your company, please contact Abe Valdez Bravo or Dylan Mead.

For general questions regarding our Wine/Craft Beverage services, please contact Jamie Emerson-Heery, CPA, or your current BPM advisor.


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