BPM professionals break down what the California Competes Tax Credit means for businesses in the latest GlobalSF : So Future podcast.

Like many tax credits, the California Competes Credit was designed to create jobs and spur economic growth to ensure the Golden State maintains its prosperity as competition grows around the globe. But what exactly is in it for businesses? Can something as unremarkable as a tax credit really affect something so critical as where you decide to invest in your company’s future? 

Join BPM’s Sven JostAbe Valdez Bravo and Kathy Wong as they break down the answers to these questions and more in the latest So Future podcast from GlobalSF, a nonprofit organization dedicated to driving growth in resiliency for San Francisco’s economy by facilitating global trade and investment. Moderating the discussion was GlobalSF’s Darlene Chiu Bryant, GlobalSF’s Executive Director. 

Get Answers to All Your California Competes Tax Credit Questions and More 

To have a chance of being awarded this advantageous credit, businesses must support their cases with rigorous quantitative and qualitative economic analysis. BPM’s Economic Consulting Services team works closely with taxpayers to produce the right reporting and documentation during the process of obtaining and maintaining the tax credit to maximize clients’ chances of obtaining and preserving the credit. Contact Sven Jost, Partner and Economic Consulting Practice Co-Leader, today to learn more about how our expertise can help support your organization’s strategic decision-making and growth. 


Kathy Wong