Our Commitment to You and to Innovation

In 2020, the working environment began to look very different than many likely expected, as remote work became a new norm. However, what has not changed is the necessity for business leaders and their partners to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently. This has put a much higher value on the ability to be flexible and innovative in our day-to-day processes.

New or abrupt changes in the economy and work environment can mean you may have put off larger projects while focusing on critical tasks. But when faced with new challenges, there is opportunity for innovative ideas to meet the needs of your business, so those projects do not need to wait.

At BPM, we know there are certain business activities that cannot be delayed. That is why our long-standing commitment to a flexible workplace, supported by our technological, operational and cultural infrastructure, allows us to offer clients virtual audits. Using communication technologies and our innovative, proprietary methodologies, our teams continue to conduct quality audits, whether physically onsite or remote, giving you one less thing to worry about while you are working remotely.

And when you are back in your office and would like to meet in person, our dedicated team will be here with the personal hands-on approach that our clients have come to expect and trust.

Our promise to you

Quality advice and client service is always our top priority. No matter what challenges or arrangements may prevent us from physically visiting you, our promise to you still stands true. We are dedicated to providing you with the same exceptional level of service whether you are working from home, at a satellite office, in your office or in a warehouse. Some key steps we have taken to maintain the integrity of our work during virtual audits include:

  • The use of videoconferencing tools. Through enterprise-grade videoconferencing tools, our teams maintain real-time communication in order to efficiently complete audits without the need to meet in person.
  • Secure cloud-based tools. We have innovative digital document sharing and project management tools that enable secure information sharing between you and our team.
  • Consistent high standards. Whether we are meeting in your office or collaborating on a video call, there are no changes to the quality of our processes, reporting and communication.

Our innovation track record

As the global business world is finding its way in this uncharted territory, you want and need an audit and advisory firm that is nimble, innovative and responsive to change—everything that drives our mission at BPM.

Our customized and thoughtful approach to our clients’ needs is why they know BPM is the best accounting and advisory firm to partner with, and that will never change – no matter how far away our clients may be on any given day.

Since our inception more than 30 years ago, we have always embraced new technologies and methodologies. Our recognition as one of the most innovative and recommended firms in the profession, by the Leading Edge Alliance and Forbes, for our work with both startups and established companies has trained us to produce results at the swift pace innovation requires – and that will never change.

To learn more about how BPM is using virtual audits to meet the needs our clients, contact Brian Finnegan or Dan Winter.

Brian Finnegan

Dan Winter