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BPM offers analytics and due diligence to assist landlords in discovering if rent relief requests are appropriate and determining the best rent relief strategy option from a long-term business perspective.

A number of factors, including local, state and global crises, can significantly damage the business operations of landlords. As a result, a greater number of tenants across the country can seek rent relief options, during those times. Landlords need to evaluate their tenants’ positions from a financial perspective to ensure there are no improper requests and determine the best rent relief options from a business perspective.

If landlords can establish successful rent relief strategies early and reassess them often, they can protect their assets and cash flow. Here is how our BPM professionals work with you from the time you receive the initial application to determine and achieve the best result.

Keep reading to download the Example Tenant Request Checklist to assist you through the process.

Example Tenant Request Checklist

Prepare for the rent relief process early by downloading a copy of our Example Tenant Request Checklist by filling out the form below. The checklist outlines the necessary information you will need to get started. Our professionals are ready to be your partner and guide you to a successful result. 

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