Remote employee performance management tool gives all team members a voice in the organization while keeping them connected and accountable

SAN FRANCISCO; Aug. 25, 2021 – BPM Link, an employee-driven performance management tool that helps align remote team members with the strategic direction of their organizations, has been named a finalist for the 2021 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Awards by CPA Practice Advisor. The tool is developed and marketed by BPM LLP, a top 50 U.S. public accounting and advisory firm with offices across the West Coast as well as in Bengaluru, India.

The CPA Practice Advisor Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Awards highlight technologies that are shaping the profession and impacting small businesses through increased collaboration and productivity.

“BPM Link launched with the core purpose to connect remote teams to each other and the strategy of the organization. Clients who have implemented BPM Link are already seeing increases in profitability, productivity and employee engagement,” said BPM Managing Director Stacy Litteral, who is leading the initiative.  “We’re pleased that BPM Link has been embraced and honored by the professional services community, as well as by our nationwide client base from all major industries.”

An intuitive platform that seamlessly connects remote employees with their managers through a guided framework, BPM Link supports nimble communication between team members, facilitates an agile and efficient work environment, and provides transparency between employee perceptions and organizational objectives. Among its various features, BPM Link offers guided one-on-one management check-ins, self-appraisals and instant feedback, employee-driven goal setting and tracking, and real-time insights on the status of company initiatives.

“To be recognized by an industry-leading outlet for our trailblazing efforts with this platform further validates what our clients who have deployed it already know: BPM Link is a smart choice that optimizes operations,” said BPM HR Consulting Partner Jill Pappenheimer. “More broadly, BPM Link represents just another way we deliver the BPM1TM  client experience, by which BPM functions as a one-stop destination for high-quality services and solutions that solve problems across the business or nonprofit organization. It is award-winning products like BPM Link and all of the other diverse solutions offered by our Advisory practice that help establish us as the Firm of Choice among a growing number of clients.”

Visit BPM’s website to learn more about BPM Link.

About BPM

Founded in 1986, BPM is one of the top 50 public accounting and advisory firms in the country. With more than 800 team members across the US — and an office in Bengaluru, India — the Firm offers a cross-functional approach that gives clients direct access to the best and most qualified resources. To learn more, visit the BPM website.

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