Social Welfare Organizations

Social welfare organizations operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of a community through social improvements and civic betterment.

Meeting and exceeding expectations of various funding sources is crucial for social welfare organizations in order to fulfill their mission of helping those in need. BPM has extensive experience in audit, tax, and consulting work with social welfare organizations targeted at helping children and adults in our community.


Our audit approach for social welfare organizations begins with a comprehensive risk assessment of your organization. We then streamline and tailor our audit procedures accordingly based on this risk. This approach, coupled with our expertise of the industry and knowledge of business operations, provides an audit that is beneficial to both members and management.

Lobbying and Political Consulting

Our trusted advisor services align with the needs of the members of social welfare organizations, and include consulting on financial stability and longevity. We assist with creating strategic growth plans, maximizing the efforts of the volunteers, improving governance, and monitoring programs, operations, and funding sources.

BPM understands that as a nonprofit organization, your tax returns are published for viewing by the public at large. As part of their 501(c)(4) status, social welfare organizations may further their exempt purpose by engaging in lobbying activities as a primary activity and some political activities as a non-primary activity, without jeopardizing their tax exempt status. BPM’s tax experts provide consultation and guidance to social welfare organizations regarding lobbying and political activities such as the percentage of dues paid applicable to lobbying activities or payment of proxy taxes. In addition, we have consulted with our social welfare organizations that have been subject to tax under section 527(f) of the Internal Revenue Code regarding political activity involvement.

Tax Return Preparation

BPM helps social welfare organizations file tax returns that are transparent and accurate in order to properly showcase their efforts. Our tax return preparation focuses on relevant data points for preparation of the required tax filings. We will meet with the executive team to review the key disclosures in the tax forms and discuss current or needed policies, governance, related party transactions, membership, and similar items.

Involvement in a social welfare organization requires a shared faith in the mission, goals, and values of the organization. At BPM, we strongly believe in our social welfare organization clients and work diligently to help them advance their efforts.

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