Real Estate Economic Impact Studies

Economic impact studies provide insights on how a new development may affect economic activity nearby, including employment, wages, labor costs, taxes, cost of living and more.

The results found in the study can forecast and quantify potential economic and financial impact of the project, so you can build appropriate business plans and strategies for growth, and have the tools to negotiate with the local government body to seek required approvals.

Real Estate Economic Impact Studies Benefits

These studies can educate you on the economic and commercial viability of the undertaking of a new development project, in terms of its potential impact on the local community, as well as on the state and national economy. This knowledge will enable you to substantiate the argument of undertaking the development project and help you secure the required local government approvals.

Benefits of a real estate economic impact study include:

  • Project the quantitative economic impact
  • Provide key information on social return
  • Predict potential impact on environment

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