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Wen Mochizuki

Wen Mochizuki

Chief Financial Officer
Location: Walnut Creek  |

Wen Mochizuki, the Chief Financial Officer at BPM, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, where she is responsible for overseeing all financial operations of the Firm. Her career journey has taken her from an auditor role at a Big 4 firm to internal finance at a regional accounting firm, and now to her leadership role at BPM.

One of Wen’s key strengths is her ability to leverage financial data to inform strategic decision-making. She understands the importance of not only managing the day-to-day financial operations but also using financial insights to drive the Firm’s overall strategy. By analyzing financial trends, identifying opportunities for growth and assessing potential risks, Wen provides valuable guidance to the executive team.

In addition to her strategic focus, Wen is committed to driving initiatives that promote financial growth and efficiency. She works closely with various departments to identify areas where processes can be streamlined, costs can be reduced and resources can be optimized.

Beyond her day-to-day financial responsibilities, Wen is also experienced in implementing systems and optimizing processes. She understands the importance of having robust financial systems in place to support the Firm’s operations and growth.

Wen’s contributions have helped BPM navigate complex financial challenges, seize new opportunities and achieve sustained growth.

Wen holds an active CPA license in California under the name Wen Ying Yu Mochizuki.

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Certified Public Accountant


BS/Business Administration – University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business