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Mo Yassin

Mo Yassin

Head of VR/AR Customer Strategy and Experience
Supervisor, Assurance
Areas of Expertise: Audit

Mo has over five years of extensive experience in public accounting and strategy consulting. With a keen eye for emerging technologies, Mo has carved a niche expertise within the dynamic realms of blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Prior to joining BPM, Mo honed his skills on elite teams at firms such as EY, PwC and RSM. During his tenure, Mo collaborated with clients spanning various industries across Canada and the U.S., gaining invaluable insights into diverse business landscapes.

Mo played a key role in initiating the launch of the virtual reality experience within BPM, which includes building a metaverse office for virtual collaboration, internal meetings, onboarding and more. This work demonstrates a commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and fostering positive change within the organization.

With a track record of delivering strategic solutions and driving business growth, Mo continues to be at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies to unlock new opportunities and drive success for clients and organizations alike.

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Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate


BS/Economics and Management – McGill University