Recently, BPM’s Jessica Hekmatjah, Director of Marketing and Corporate Development, interviewed Sam Allred about key strategies and tactics to consider for growth and accounting marketing in 2020.

As founder of Upstream Academy, a consulting organization that works with more than 500 accounting firms throughout North America, Sam Allred is one of the top strategic thinkers in the profession. He energetically and creatively uses a firm’s strengths to successfully navigate challenges they face. He regularly is referred to as one of the major influencers of the accounting profession and the “godfather” of leading positive change initiatives.

Their conversation was captured in a Q&A article published in the Association of Accounting Marketing’s December 2019 issue of Growth Strategies Magazine, as a part of a bigger feature on the evolving role of the accounting marketer.

Jessica serves on the Association of Accounting Marketing’s Growth Strategies Committee, where she regularly contributes to AAM’s conversation about industry growth. She uses the insight gained from these interactions to keep BPM’s Marketing efforts and initiatives current in the rapidly-changing industry.

Under Jessica’s leadership, BPM’s all-woman Marketing team uses these insights to lead a variety of initiatives within the Firm, including branding, event planning, public relations, content development, digital media, advertising and website innovation.

Click here to read the Q&A between Sam Allred and BPM’s Jessica Hekmatjah and learn more about how the accounting profession has changed, how marketers can help accountants through those changes and how to swim out of the “swamp of despair.”