BPM’s Jessica Hekmatjah, Director of Marketing and Corporate Development, penned the recent article “Is M&A Right for Your Firm?” that published in the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM)’s summer 2020 Growth Strategies publication.

Jessica talks about how great, nationally-recognized firms are made, not born, and how many firms gain clients and industry credibility through mergers and acquisitions, or business combinations.

BPM is no stranger to business combinations, as the Firm has completed several over the past couple of years, which have expanded its footprint along the West Coast – from Orange County, Calif. to Seattle.

Jessica also includes a checklist for firms considering if M&A is the right strategy to propel their public profile in the future.

The Association for Accounting Marketing also featured BPM’s COO Scharrell Jackson in the same publication, as the “Partner POV” spotlight.

In the spotlight, Scharrell answers a Q&A that touches on her success during good and bad times, how marketing fits into an accounting firm’s growth strategy and how BPM’s marketing department responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, she talks about the changing role of marketing and business development in the new economy, and she gives advice to marketers who want to boost their profiles within their firms and how partners should work with their marketing and BD departments.

Read both BPM features on the Association of Accounting Marketing website.