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BPM’s Rick Parent Examines Remote Auditing Challenges and Opportunities in Contributed Article for Accounting News Website

As the business world embraced remote work two years ago, auditors had to quickly find ways to adapt to continue to add value. In his byline article for AccountingWEB, a leading online community and news source for accounting professionals, BPM Partner Rick Parent writes that the silver lining of learning to adapt is that auditors have changed the profession for the better — proving remote auditing works.

“The audit process looked very different before the pandemic,” Parent explains in his article, noting that many procedures were completed in person at a client’s office or facility.While the auditing industry was in the early stages of modernization, and shifting to remote work, “the pandemic quickly sped up that conversion” and has positioned the industry to continue future advancement.

Rick concludes, “The integration of technology into the audit process during the pandemic was not a short-term solution — it created a permanent shift in the way audits are conducted.”

To read more about the key audit processes that were disrupted and the long-lasting impacts of the pandemic in the world of auditing, access Rick’s full article on AccountingWEB: “How Audit is Changing in the Remote World.”

About Rick Parent

A Partner in BPM’s Santa Monice office, Rick Parent specializes in audits and financial reporting for privately- and publicly-held companies, working closely with chief executives and chief financial officers. Specifically, he leads audits and provides due diligence and special reports for clients in real estate, technology, manufacturing and distribution, entertainment, and hospitality.


Richard Parent

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