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President Biden recently issued an important Executive Order that seeks to help bolster the safety, security and trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Specifically, the order strives to promote innovation and competition, while also establishing new standards to protect the privacy and rights of individuals.

The order outlines directives in seven key areas:

  • Standing up for consumers, patients and students
  • Supporting workers
  • Protecting the privacy of all Americans as AI continues to gain popularity
  • Advancing equity and civil rights
  • Promoting innovation and competition in the space
  • Advancing leadership abroad
  • Ensuring responsible and effective government use of AI

Some specifics in the executive order include:

  • Requires that developers of AI systems share safety test results and other information
  • Develops standards, tools and tests to ensure that AI systems are secure
  • Protects against using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials
  • Establishes standards for detecting AI-generated content to help minimize fraud
  • Sets up a cybersecurity program to develop AI tools that find and fix software vulnerabilities

How BPM can help

This Executive Order is likely to impact organizations across industries—whether they’ve been using AI for years or months—with direct implications for companies in technology, life science and real estate. Determining the impact of these new policies will require a detailed understanding of the guidance and how it applies to your AI implementation—both within your organization and across your third-party relationships.

Our seasoned professionals have the background, knowledge and experience needed to guide you through your AI journey—including understanding and responding to this recent directive from Washington—and assisting you with:

  • AI policies and procedures: We can help you define the guardrails for acceptable and ethical use of AI systems.
  • Shadow AI and AI asset management: You’re using AI whether you know it or not. We can help you identify and catalog your AI assets.
  • Compliance gap analysis: We can help you better understand your level of compliance with new and emerging standards and develop a plan to meet your AI compliance obligations.
  • Trust and transparency: Though work with our partner Cranium, we can help provide trust and transparency on AI security and controls to your stakeholders.
  • Continuous threat exposure management: We’re leveraging AI technology to conduct advanced attack path scenario testing and surface area reduction techniques.

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