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Cover your bases, keep your people happy and build beyond the physical office

Over the past couple of years, the workplace over the past couple of years has taken a drastic turn when it comes to structure and function, with many working from home (or taking a hybrid approach). This has presented new challenges for business owners, managers, administrators and HR professionals.

To help you adapt to this new landscape and make the most of your tech budget, we have created a list of top areas for consideration — with the most important facets on top!

Cybersecurity and compliance: Keep your organization and your people safe

The top priority for just about any company throughout the next year (and every year) should be to protect its employees, customers and reputation — which is why cybersecurity and compliance should never take a backseat. While there is some risk of facing fines or penalties for not being 100% compliant with current standards and regulations, the true danger comes from external threats and inside vulnerabilities. One breach can not only cause massive monetary losses, but also damage the reputation of your business.

The most important part of your budget should be investing in cybersecurity software that can lock down your data and training services that can keep your people on the ground educated and accountable. Cover your most basic needs first!

Employee engagement software: Minimize turnover and lost productivity

Great things happen when an employee’s ambitions and a business’s goals work in harmony. But if there’s a mismatch between the two, the situation can result in disgruntled team members, professional burnout and a loss of great talent. As a business owner, you know one of the greatest losses in productivity occurs when you have to pull a high-production team member off of a project to train a new employee how to do entry-level work, so it pays to keep your current talent in place!

So, how can you keep employees engaged, accountable and feeling enriched by the experience? We suggest adopting an employee engagement platform, specifically one that offers routine feedback, talent development and meaningful conversations among the team.

Introducing BPM Link — Powered by BPM

BPM Link is an employee-driven, progressive workforce management platform designed to bolster constructive communication and facilitate a more efficient work environment. It strategically aligns the values of each individual with those of the company.

BPM Link is our answer to an ever-changing office landscape, one that will grow with your company and help you stay ahead of whatever comes your way.

Cloud migration: It’s time to take to the skies

Employee engagement software keeps employees around longer, but a shift to the cloud can help them remain productive from wherever they may be by offering unique flexibility, mobility and increased collaboration on specific projects. This shift will also give you actionable insights into usage that can help increase productivity, create an added layer of defense from data disasters, and make for a greater sense of control over your data.

The idea of cloud computing has likely been in your head for a while now. It is time to spend the capital to make that next move forward! Note that while you may endure some costs upfront, this investment can save you significant time, headaches and money in the long run.

Software, hardware, courses and training

Now that you’ve got all of your security and functionality bases covered, it is time to have a little fun! From those pro-level creative suites, to updated laptops, to continued education, your team can feel the appreciation, organization and productivity they deserve when you reinvest into their standard of work.

An outsider may prefer a Starbucks card to a RAM upgrade. But your team? These people will feel the positive performance impact on a daily basis — and the invaluable inspiration that comes when a team leader truly wants the best for their team!

Hit the new year at full force!

Have additional questions about your budget or our BPM Link employee engagement platform? Our team is on standby ready to help organizations be the best they can be. Reach out to us today and let us help navigate through the ever-changing workplace landscape and create a culture of determination and productivity!


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