2023 Checklist

Budgets are approved and company priorities are set for 2023. We have returned from the holiday break, and we are off and running, full of ambition and visions of a newfound level of productivity we have always aspired to. But before we know it, we are back to the same old routine.

Too often, we miss one critical step: taking time to reflect as individuals and leaders on the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of achieving the change we hope for. Setting individual goals that connect us to one another and the strategic initiatives of our business are crucial to creating a workplace culture where employees matter and feel a true connection to the organization. Connectedness equals greater engagement and productivity.

Setting your goals for 2023

Now is the time to commit to goals for the year. Goals should be both meaningful to individuals and support overall business objectives. In 2023, we need to set goals that bring impactful change and unique personal engagement.

As individuals, we may be asking ourselves some thought-provoking questions:

  • What do I want for myself and my team?
  • Where do I want the business to be by the end of next year?
  • What major milestones do I want to hit and surpass, personally and for the business?
  • How can I ensure all the team is seen and heard?

If this effort feels overwhelming to you, you are not alone. But the truth is, it does not have to be daunting, and you cannot afford to be idle. “The Great Resignation” of 2022 was a wake-up call for all leaders that businesses need to make employee engagement and retention a top priority. The alternative is costly turnover or a disengaged team.

Leaders must take a people-centric approach to build their overall employee experience. It starts with implementing processes that show employees that you value them and, more importantly, that you’re paying attention to them.

The simplest and most successful way to ensure employees are seen and heard is by leveraging a performance management tool that is easy to use and driven by the employees themselves. The right tool should support employee-driven responsibilities and offer goal-setting that is a breeze to create, combined with the appropriate level of transparency.

At BPM, our brand promise is “Because People Matter.” Let us make 2023 the year of the people.

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