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Article Featured in Healthcare Innovation

As the world navigates how to provide day-to-day services during COVID-19 quarantine measures, healthcare providers continue to connect with patients online instead of in person. But cybersecurity is always a concern when any activity moves online, especially someone’s sensitive medical information that is protected by HIPAA.  

BPM Partner David Trepp, who leads the Firm’s Information Security Assessment Services Group, recently published an article in Healthcare Innovation where he provides several straightforward steps healthcare providers can take that go a long way to securing their systems and maintaining compliance with regulations like HIPAA. 

Read the article on the Healthcare Innovation website. 

About David Trepp 

An avid technologist since he discovered programmable HP calculators in the 1970s, David has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years.  David’s led thousands of information security penetration test engagements for satisfied customers across all major industries throughout the United States and abroad. He has given dozens of presentations to audiences nationwide, on a variety of information security topics. David has worked in information security with commercial, healthcare, government, financial, utility, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations since 1998. 

About BPM’s Information Security Assessment Services 

The value of information security is often only recognized after a breach or incident has impacted a business and its bottom line. Without specific regulatory guidance, businesses are often unsure of the risk mitigation measures that are appropriate for their industry and threat environment. BPM understands how to balance information security and business needs. Our Comprehensive Penetration Testing service will identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to make well-educated decisions on where to best allocate your resources. Learn more at  


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