BitcoinsAs the digital assets and blockchain industry continues to grow in 2020, many organizations in the expanding crypto world need support from top-notch tax and accounting firms to maintain compliance and to ensure maximum savings year-over-year.

Blox, a crypto asset tracking, management and bookkeeping platform for professionals, businesses and enterprises, put together a list of “The Top Crypto Accounting & Tax Firms You Should Know About 2020,” which lists 15 organizations of various sizes that currently serve clients in the crypto and blockchain space.

“The complexities of cryptocurrency accounting and tax have produced incredibly challenging accounting scenarios, tax challenges and grueling calculations. For small investors, DIY tax and accounting could possibly be an option. But for businesses, high-net-worth individuals or professional investors, they require the support and resources of professional tax and accounting firms to get the job done,” according to the Report.

Here is why BPM made this list:

BPM LLP is one of the largest U.S. West Coast-based CPA firms that specializes in serving the digital assets and blockchain industry. BPM provides audit, tax, consulting, advisory and compliance services to businesses, including corporations, flow-through entities and individuals. Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with accounting and auditing matters, as well as regulatory and compliance issues, including revenue recognition, tax structuring, international tax, internal controls and compliance, IT compliance, enterprise risk management and accounting services. In addition to blockchain and digital assets services, we assist clients with a wide variety of tax, assurance and advisory issues – from international tax and lease accounting compliance to data privacy security and ERP implementation.

List of BPM’s Crypto Services:

BPM’s integrated approach allows us to simplify complex business processes as a “one-stop” shop. Our service offerings to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem include but not limited to:

  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Controls for Digital Assets
  • Global Tax Structuring or Restructuring
  • Corporate and Flow-Through Entity Tax Services
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services
  • Systems Implementation
  • Internal Controls Policies and Procedures
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Reach out to BPM’s Blockchain and Digital Assets practice leaders Mark Li and Dmitri Alexeev for more information.

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