woman on laptopWritten by Stacy Litteral

Several years ago, while leading a nonprofit before and after school enrichment program, my team just completed our strategic planning process and had identified seven key initiatives to focus on for the next 3-5 years. However, I struggled with the notion of know how to get the message of these critical initiatives out to the frontline employees, who were caring for children day in and day out. I did not know how to get buy-in and support to get the work done. Because, let’s be honest, I was not the one doing the work – the teachers interacting with the kids every day were doing the real work.

I did not want to be perceived as the “talking head” who just showed up and spewed big words and handed out papers the team would never read. I needed real buy-in, and I needed the team to believe the success of the strategic plan, and the organization’s success, relied heavily on their participation. I wanted them engaged and wanting to achieve the goals as much as I did.

That is when I started using the technology tool that is now BPM Link.

Today, business leaders who want to implement strategic communication tools to meet their people where they are can rely on BPM Link to connect their teams to their vision and drive their upcoming goals. This employee-driven technology does the heavy lifting for you, and does it quickly so you can focus on the work itself.

Employee-Driven Features

I was skeptical at first, as I did not have time for another initiative, a lengthy rollout and another project. My mid-level managers were overwhelmed already, and our frontline team was not sitting in front of computers all day, so I was unsure if it would work for them. But in less than 30 days, we completed training the teams and launched the tool.

Employees set up their portal themselves, defining their responsibilities and goals within the tool and connected them directly to the organization’s initiatives. This process was personal, transformative and empowered the team immediately.

They also connected calendars and easily scheduled regular one-on-ones with their supervisors, who also welcomed the opportunity to have more casual, guided and meaningful and ongoing conversations that were documented in a snap.

BPM Link Simplifies Collaboration

The team goals fostered collaboration and were a hit, and suddenly projects that had been on the back burner were up and running again. I recall watching the plans for an employee recognition event managed beautifully and efficiently through the tool. The countless hours of meetings and discussions that were avoided as a result astounded me.

Using the 360 feedback feature, myself and any other employee shared what they are working on and sought feedback in a structured and guided fashion.

Within one year, our team’s culture of transparency and collaboration was thriving, and we were well on our way to meeting our organization’s goals.

HR Technology That Engages Employees

I would visit our locations and chat with colleagues often. Before implementing this HR technology tool, frontline employees – some part time – could not speak to our mission, the status of our initiatives or our core behaviors.

The “My Company” page has all of your company’s most critical information front and center – vision, purpose and core behaviors – easily accessible and central to all of the work. During guided one-on-ones, employees refer to these elements, keeping them top of mind and fostering a connectedness to our culture and work that any leader dreams of.

Thanks to these features, our employee engagement data improved dramatically. Use of sick time decreased. Turnover dropped from 32% to 18% in less than 18 months (Industry average was about 30%). The Bay Area News Group named the organization a “Top Workplace” several years in a row, and we were the only youth services to rank.

I was, and continue to be, a hardcore believer in BPM Link.

Implementing BPM Link is something companies cannot afford NOT to do. If you or the organization you work for feel disconnected from, or struggle with, any aspect of this new and challenging work environment, then BPM Link can help facilitate the changes you need.

This structured platform brings teams together, clarifies expectations, aligns individual goals to strategic initiatives and compassionately guides the communication that needs to happen between managers and employees on an ongoing basis. The process makes better leaders, supports accountability and allows people to be seen. And we need so much more of that in today’s fast moving environment. Now more than ever, connectedness and empowerment is critical. Organizations that achieve this will fare better than those who do not.

As for me, BPM Link helped me realign my priorities, both personally and professionally. Sharing it with the world excites me. How can BPM Link change your productivity? How can it help change your company? Contact us to start the conversation.



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