Environmental Organizations

Protecting and preserving California’s air, water, and open spaces is a core part of the culture and history of California and it is fundamental to the health and prosperity of the 37 million people who call California home.

Environmental organizations constantly face challenges to improve park programs, expand facilities, and more importantly, educate others and advocate environmental issues. BPM’s nonprofit team has in-depth experience serving environmental organizations such as land trusts, park protection and preservation organizations, and education and advocacy organizations.

Traditionally, government entities have provided environmental services and goods in our community, but have not been able to meet the demand for environmental quality initiatives. Our team of experts understands that nonprofits are best suited to meet this demand by actively supporting and advocating the right policies.

BPM can help your environmental organization with audit and tax purposes, as well as offer sound advice and best practices for business decisions. As California and Federal funds become more and more difficult to secure, challenging times lay ahead for environmental organizations. Nonetheless, our nonprofit team will help you plan for the future and accomplish your organization’s goals. At BPM, we take an approach that’s tailored to your organization, whether you focus on land preservation, lobbying or advocacy efforts. We have deep expertise in areas such as:

  • Easements
  • Joint-ventures and collaborative projects
  • Land acquisition
  • Political, advocacy, and lobbying activities
  • State and Federal regulations and reporting requirements
  • Stewardship activity