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Brand engagement company migrates disparate financial systems to cloud-based ERP


Postal has grown fast, and we’d outgrown our financial systems. Short-term fixes we’d adopted were slowing us down. Thanks to BPM, we’re now running smoothly and fast on NetSuite. It’s been a game-changer for us.Mike dePaschalis, VP of Finance,, Inc.

United States-based, Inc. is a venture-backed company that provides innovative brand marketing solutions to companies looking to convert leads to sales. Its platform offers account-based marketing support and delivers premium brand engagement items, pledging to customers that its solutions will boost offline engagement, build loyalty and excite customers. Postal is growing fast domestically and accelerating into global markets.

Like many fast-growing companies, Postal faced increased complexity in its financial reporting systems — having relied on a combination of QuickBooks, Zuora and its proprietary software, also called Postal. As the company embarked on a Series B round of venture funding, the company had limited internal resources to manage data and financial reporting between these disparate systems.

“The license for our subscription and revenue recognition software, Zuora, was expiring,” says Mike dePaschalis, Postal’s VP of Finance. “QuickBooks could no longer meet our evolving needs or our size. Our developer was juggling multiple tasks, and we were spending too much time shifting data from one system to another, with the data risk that entails. We needed to take a step forward. We asked BPM for help.”

Implementing NetSuite: A phased approach on an accelerated timeframe

Postal’s biggest challenge was managing mission-critical business processes on different systems. This setup was not allowing visibility to key operational metrics, which was impeding revenue recognition and potentially customer retention, and slowing its monthly closes. Its investors also wanted Postal to improve financial accounting and streamline IT and operations.

BPM proposed that cloud-based NetSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, replace QuickBooks and Zuora. This would involve the integration of Postal’s operational and financial accounting processes, as well as aligning Postal’s proprietary software with the customizable modules of NetSuite. To ensure optimal return on investment (ROI), the migration had to happen fast.

BPM’s proprietary NetSuite Accelerator Program allows us to migrate clients to the platform quickly, ensuring data fidelity and lessening workloads for internal personnel. “NetSuite was a perfect fit for Postal, as it is for many smaller venture-backed companies stretched thin with resources and budget,” says BPM’s NetSuite Practice Leader Matt TeLindert. “We’ve relied on NetSuite in many similar situations, and it’s an ideal choice for entrepreneurial companies that need an integrated, flexible and scalable ERP system that returns an immediate ROI.”

BPM embarked on a custom implementation of NetSuite, along with a financial data migration. “Postal is a software-based enterprise,” notes TeLindert. “Our focus was marrying NetSuite’s environment to Postal’s software, ensuring proven internal processes were optimized and all data preserved.”

The project was a resounding success. We replaced Zuora and retired QuickBooks, reducing systems to NetSuite and the client’s platform. By having a centralized database for both financial and operational metrics, Postal cut the monthly close completion time by 80%, offering greater transparency and timeliness on performance to the management team. Visibility into key operational metrics allowed Postal new insight into their customer base and cash management, and they are now positioned to grow without constraints.

Scoped for 16 weeks, BPM delivered in Week 12 — under budget. Postal is now not only discussing the next steps, but referring BPM to other companies, including some of its customers. “This project set the foundation to continue our enterprise growth and help mine the financial data we needed to support all of our employees, customers and investors,” adds dePaschalis. “BPM delivered everything we asked for — and more.”

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