At this point, you are typically seed/VC-backed and increasingly monitored by institutional outsiders but may still be considered “pre-commercial.” You’re still working hard to get your business off the ground, but also envisioning and planning for the road ahead.

Build your scaffolding
Preparing for the next level of growth:

  • Think about how you will attract higher-level candidates.
  • Begin exploring data systems with predictive functionality.
  • Lay the groundwork for your formal ERP system.
  • Start thinking about product diversification and next gen products.
  • Begin considering possible geographic expansion opportunities.
Life Cycle Assessment

Unlocking value across the business lifecycle – BPM’s blueprint for growth for innovative companies

BPM Blueprint
Growth & Expansion Stage

Your business is rapidly expanding in terms of revenues, products, funding and hiring.

Grow with BPM
Liquidity Stage

Preparing for the exit you’ve envisioned from the beginning—or gearing up for a whole new phase of growth.

Be Prepared