Telework is the new norm in today’s economy and many organizations are addressing concerns about remote access security risks while establishing remote work policies.

If you are a business leader researching the best security products to protect your highly-sensitive data, you may have come across Cisco Meraki. So what is it and how can it benefit your business?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based IT network that allow organizations to control everything from WiFi to data security in the office and out in the world. It is a great option for organizations that have concerns about employees accessing their network over a client virtual private network (VPN) and are looking for safer solutions.

Meraki: What Is It and the MX Series Explained

The Meraki MX family of products allows you to build your own highly secure distributed network. To create a virtual private network, use the Meraki MX84 to protect your physical office space and data center locations. The MX84 is a great option for small and emerging businesses because of its auto VPN, traffic shaping and the Meraki Virtual MX firewall, which protects your private cloud in either Amazon or Azure.

To protect your data as your business or team grows beyond the office is the Meraki Z Series firewall. The Meraki Z Series firewall allows you to extend your private network to an employee’s home. The Z Series firewall limits access to only company-authorized computers, while also allowing IT to provide support to employees with home network issues. Additionally, the quality of service rules will aid in increasing productivity, because of better bandwidth for video conferencing calls and collaborative online tools.

Meraki Set-up and Support

No one expects all business leaders to be IT wizards. In fact, streamlined managed IT devices like Cisco Meraki are intended to support organizations with easy-to-use solutions, so business leaders do not need a technical background to succeed. BPM’s Managed IT Services team works with organizations of all sizes to determine the best cloud-computing solutions to meet the business’s unique needs. Our team has extensive experience setting up the Meraki system and others, so your business can be up and running on a faster, cloud-based system as soon as possible. Contact BPM Partner Michael Sellai to find out more information about how this solution can transform and secure your organization and your remote workforce.

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