James joined BPM as an Assurance Senior and quickly became a team leader in our San Francisco office. With over five years of experience in public accounting, James has provided accounting/audit experience to both public and private companies choosing to focus his career on technology and financial service clients.  

BPM: What is your favorite part about your career at BPM?

JL: Working with my clients. From a very early stage in my career at BPM, I was able to develop strong, lasting relationships with my clients as well as act as an advisor to ensure they are managing their risks more effectively. I work with a lot of technology companies that are innovative and open to implementing new solutions to their unique business operations. 

BPM: In your opinion, what makes BPM a “Best Place to Work” in the Bay Area?

JL: Our people and our leadership. Our leaders are respectful of our professionals’ careers and personal lives. People who work here are smart and driven, but their careers aren’t expected to define them. We balance working hard with having fun both at work and outside of work.

BPM: Describe what makes an assurance professional successful at BPM.

JL: Your career is in your own hands at BPM. You have the ability to take ownership to make it what you want, whether that’s pursuing a specific industry group or getting involved in special projects. People who are intrinsically motivated to understand and continue learning always do well in a technical environment, but you also need to have a positive attitude and be a team-player. We are looking for BPM’s future leaders!   

BPM: Why would an Assurance Senior want to join BPM?  

JL: If you are transitioning your career from a larger firm, you will find you have more control over many aspects of the job and your personal life.  If you are transitioning from a smaller firm, you will gain exposure to a more diverse, complex client base. BPM strikes a good balance between being a large, well-known firm in the Bay Area without being too big that you feel you have little say in the direction of your career.

James Lichau