On Thursday, September 8, 2017, Equifax, Inc. announced that they were the victim of a significant attack which granted access to the personal information of approximately 143 million individuals. The attack was discovered late July but was active since at least mid-May. The personal data exposed information such as social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, and credit dispute documents.

What should you do?
To find out if your data may have been compromised, visit the Equifax security site at Additionally, here are some immediate considerations:

  1. Change your password if you have an account at If you do and you have used that password for any other accounts or applications, change those immediately.  
  2. Place a credit freeze on your report. This will freeze access to your credit report information which makes it difficult for identity thieves to open a new account in your name.
  3. Sign up for a separate identity monitoring and protection service. Identity Guard is one example but there are many others.    


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