U.S. Navy, Marines Look To BPM for ‘A Few (More) Good Processes’

Written by Vance McCarthy.

US Navy

The U.S. Navy and Marines aren’t just looking for a few good men. Commanders also want to more and better business processes and workflow systems to improve financial controls. To achieve this, they will invest some $30 million in BPM, auditing, workflow and related technologies.

“Ensuring that all internal financial controls provide accurate information will help the Navy meet all federal and Department of Defense guidelines toward auditability,” said Vince Vlasho, who leads Accenture’s work with the U.S. Navy., in a statement. “This is a critical initiative that assists Navy leaders by improving the quality and reliability of financial data and securing the effectiveness of their ERP systems.”

The Navy is working with Accenture Federal Services to help it and the Marines enlist BPM disciplines and technologies to improve operations on many fronts. The Navy awarded Accenture a three-year, $25.5 million contract to work to review the business processes, internal controls and related systems to support improved business operations at six commands as well as the U.S. Marine Corps, according to Accenture officials.

Both contracts support the Navy’s Financial Improvement Program (FIP). The program’s objectives are to improve the accuracy, timeliness and reliability of the Navy’s financial information, according to the Navy.

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