Dynamic Case Management: See Results, Now!

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The converging trend lines across IT Consumerization, Social, Mobile, and Cloud computing have radically altered knowledge workers' expectation for how and where work is performed. The new model is “any device, anywhere” – not only portable, but always connected to the cloud. This new way of working presents a wellspring of new opportunities for engaging customers and empowering knowledge workers, yet can also quickly overwhelm IT resources.

Enabling this level of agility requires a fundamental shift from the rigid transactional systems which had previously defined corporate IT. Today’s knowledge workers demand adaptable environments to collaboratively leverage their experience and subject matter expertise – and capable of adjusting to change in near real-time, in increasingly unpredictable directions. One of the most promising approaches for realizing is through an approach known as Adaptive or Dynamic Case Management (DCM).

DCM as emerged at the most promising platform for enabling work to follow the workers, virtually integrating resources from existing systems with new content and context, capturing events and providing access to these wherever work is performed.

In this session led by leading expert and best-selling author Nathaniel Palmer, you will learn not only why Dynamic Case Management is at the heart of IT transformation, where cloud, mobile and social computing intersect – but also how to get started for immediate results.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why Empowering Knowledge Workers is the Management Challenge of the 21st Century.
  • How Dynamic Case Management Offers Sanity in a Dropbox, App Store, LinkedIn World.
  • Where Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Social Intersect With Dynamic Case Management
  • How to Get Start With Dynamic Case Management, Today.

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About the Presenter: Nathaniel Palmer 

A noted author, practitioner and one of the early originators of Adaptive Case Management, Nathaniel Palmer has been the Chief Architect for some of the industry's largest BPM and SOA projects, involving investments of $100 Million or more. He is the Editor of BPM.com, as well as the Executive Director of the Workflow Management Coalition, and a best-selling author dozen books on emerging technologies and business transformation, He has been featured in media ranging from Fortune to The New York Times, as well as a featured expert on National Public Radio, World Business Review, and The Emerald Planet with Internet pioneer Vint Cerf. He frequently tops the lists of the most recognized names in his field, and was the first individual named as "Laureate in Workflow".

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